It’s Time for Summer Reading!

Yes!  It’s finally Summer–and for those of us who love to dive into a great book…it’s also Summer Reading Time!

Of course there’s the list of must-read books.  I don’t know about you, but I always finished those up pretty quickly.  I remember each week of the summer, my mom took me to the library in Brooklyn where we lived, and I checked out as many books as they would allow–which was quite an armful for a small person.  I would go through trends–sometimes in a genre (I loved Science Fantasy and Science), or following an author (Ursula Le Guin, LM Montgomery, all the books by L. Frank Baum), or sometimes the new books on display.

So, it’s with a joyful heart that I let you know that the Garden City Park School invited me to their First Annual Author’s Night–to invite kids to read my book & other local author’s books this summer!  The students were interested readers, welcoming to their school and a lot of fun.


IMG_6485 Short video from Book Event 6-2018

And let me invite you — adults & children — to read local authors this summer.  Just check out your local independent bookstore (Book Revue in Huntington, The Riverhead Aquarium Gift Shop).  It’s an interesting way to see our local world in a different way, through the eyes of a creative author.  Many books, like mine, spread awareness about animals and help us remember how important it is to take care of our beautiful natural resources.

Purchasing this book includes a Donation to The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research & Preservation–so you help in a very tangible way.

Wishing you Joy & Kindness in All Your Adventures!

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